Vegan Fajitas Recipe

I’m back from vacation!

Now if you haven’t seen my video about my trip to Mexico and what I ate while I was there, so much delicious vegan-ness. Be sure to check it out.

I’ll pop a link up here  and one down in the description as well.

So today, to continue the Mexico theme, I’m gonna make mixed vegetable fajitas. Oh, spicy and sizzly, delicious, love it.

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Okay, so let’s get to fajita making.

So many things, so many delicious things! Alrighty, so these fajitas are just delicious mixed vegetable fajitas.

Today, I am gonna use four colored peppers. You can use use whatever colors you like. Today, I have two red, an orange and a yellow. But if you like green, you can add that in. If you like only reds, you can do that. Whatever you like.

I have a red onion. You could also use a yellow or a white onion if you prefer.

Eight ounces of mushrooms,which is one of these little tubs, some cloves of garlic, tortillas. Just check to make sure they’re vegan.

Then I’ve got all sorts of toppings. I have a Chipotle salsa, some refried beans, avocado, lime, jalapeno, cilantro, and hot sauce. This would also be great with guacamole, with my cashew sour cream which is in my cookbook.

When buying refried beans, just make sure to check the ingredients as sometimes, they contain lard. So obviously, buy the ones without lard.

So I’m just gonna chop up all of these veggies and get them ready for the skillet.

For the peppers, I’m gonna slice them nice and thick. You wanna keep the slices fairly thick.

So that way, when they cook, you have nice hearty chunks of vegetables and it’s not like small, chopped up pile of mush, ya know?

Nice and thick is the way to go. Okay, I can’t help it. Any time a pepper opens like this, you have to do this.


Yeah, you know, that’s what I do. Woo, love it, done!

I have chopped all of my veggies, my big pile of peppers, my chunky onions, my sliced mushrooms and garlic and I’ve also prepped all of my toppings.

You’ll wanna prep these toppings ahead of time because once you start cooking, it goes pretty fast and you wanna be able to eat those fajitas right from that sizzling skillet, no waiting at all.

Let’s heat up the tortillas. You can use flour or corn tortillas, whatever you prefer and there are two ways that you can heat it up.

The first method is using your oven to heat up the tortillas. So, just grab yourself a sheet of tin foil like so.Take a pile of tortillas and then wrap them up so they’re all sealed in. Then just pop them in the oven and heat them up until they are warm and tender throughout.

The second method you can use to heat up the tortillas is if you have a gas oven. If you have a gas oven like I do, you can just turn on a flame and put the tortilla directly over the flame and keep rotating it and turning it with some tongs so you don’t burn your fingers until you have a lovely toasted tortilla.

Let’s hop over to the stove now and start sizzling up those veggan fajitas.

Let’s get cookin’.So, I’ve got my largest skillet here. Use whatever your largest frying pan or skillet is.

You want as much room as possible so things can get browned on the bottom.

To this, I’m gonna dad two tablespoons of light oil. One, two, pick up my shoe. Heat that up.

Make sure the pan is covered with oil nicely. (humming)

Okay, now that the oil’s hot, I’m gonna add the onions. Mushrooms, stay behind. And the peppers. Ah, get in there.

Nice! See this is why I want a large pan. Look at how full this thing is already. And to this,hili powder, cumin, salt, and smoked paprikafor a little ooh, ahh, yeah. See it’s already sizzling and popping like crazy. I love it.

Now is that the sound of a fajita or what? All the spices are already smelling delicious as well. So you wanna make sure to keep stirring this every now and then to make sure the veggies are cooking evenly and nicely and perfectly and beautifully.

The peppers are just starting to soften. They still need to cook more. So this is the perfect time to add the mushrooms and garlic. Woo! Get in there.

Stir that in.My veggies are nice and tender. The mushrooms have reduced in size. It smells gorgeous and fragrant.

It’s time to eat fajitas. Woo! So hot and sizzly and crackly and poppy, I love it. Heat safe, that’s heat safe.

Certainly hope it’s heat safe. Oh my goodness, that smells so good! I love it, serving it right from the table like this is so fun.

It makes me feel like you’re at a restaurant in your own home.

I have to turn this handle. It’s making me nervous that it’s gonna poke me in the stomach. Whew, so much better. I can relax now.

If you do bring the pan directly to the table, of course, be very careful ’cause the whole pan is very hot and you don’t wanna burn your little self.

Okay, let’s load up some deliciousness on this fajita.

Oh, smells so good. I’m gonna do a little refried beans, some salsa, avocado, cilantro, I love cilantro.

I know some people hate it and think it tastes like soap. Those people are wrong.

Just kidding, but I love it. A squeeze of lime and a little tobacco ’cause I like spice.

Oh yeah, how delicious is that? Oh my goodness.Mmm!

Why are fajitas always so drippy and delicious? Oh, it’s so yummy, so fresh. he spices on the vegetables are great.

You have that combination of hot veggies and cold toppings which was really fun. It’s a lovely fresh summer meal.

So fun to make at home. This would also be a really fun recipe for a little bit of a party.

You could bake the big plate of hot veggies, put em down in the middle of the table, have a whole bunch of toppings around and everyone can make their own vegan fajitas as they please.