Our Organic Soap is Suitable For Vegans

Vegans can use our soaps

When you become a vegan, you understand that is about more than just eating a vegetable based diet. A member of the British Vegan Society, Donald Watson, explained in 1944 that being vegan only starts out with being a vegetarian. Vegans carry vegetarianism to its logical conclusion. The society encourages excluding animal products from everyday commodities, household goods, toiletries, cosmetics, and clothing in addition to advocating a totally plant-based diet.

Organic Veggie Soap

Can Vegans Use Our Soaps?

Vegans understand how difficult it is to find products on the shelves of stores that adhere to the same principles they do. However, vegans can use every one of Pureriffic Soap’s Ready to Ship blends except for our Shea Honey Oatmeal Soap.

We maintain strict cruelty-free, plant-based standards in our selection of the clay and essential oils we use for color and scent, to the herbs, to the fixed oils in our bases. In addition, we uphold standards that are just as high in our process of making soap.

Is Our Shea Honey Oatmeal Vegan Soap?

The problem with this soap is the honey that is in it. The honey is in there, even though we don’t use very much. The commercial use of honey may be considered acts of human exploitation by vegans since bees are animals and they make the honey. For many, being a vegan quite simply means that honey is not part of the equation.

The argument does not seem to be as evident as the arguments for meat, fur, and leather and some people who call themselves vegans consider honey to be acceptable. However, for those vegans who do not include honey in their diet, it is important to know where to find information and products that are trustworthy.

At Pureriffic Soap, we share a commitment to acting compassionately and responsibly both in our business and in our personal lives. As soap makers, we consider it to be our responsibility to ensure that our customers have the necessary information they require to make principled and informed decisions in addition to producing organic soap that sets the industry’s standards for high quality. Even though this may not be the normal way to do business, it is the right way.