Prenatal Yoga and Its Benefits

Prenatal yoga

Prenatal yoga is an excellent choice for everybody. Even those without previous yoga experience, who were sedentary before the pregnancy and also the new moms who might be starting out a pregnancy with a few extra pounds. It is a great low impact exercise that provided you find an experienced teacher, will have great benefits to your body and health not just during the pregnancy, but also after.


Prenatal yoga can motivate you to dig deeper into other teachings of yoga and to continue exercising even after baby arrives. Nowadays there are lots of “Mommy & Me” classes including some that are yoga centered.

Popular poses to try during a prenatal yoga class are the cat-cow. Start out in your hands and knees. Hips square over the knees and wrists lined up with the shoulders. Take a deep breath as you push your hips towards the ceiling and raise your head at the same time (cow) do not lift knees or hands.


Pregnancy is a time when the female body is working overtime twenty four hours a day for 40 weeks (or just a little over nine months). It also is a time when women should not put aside their fitness goals.

We are not talking about diet regimes and running miles a day, unless you were previously a runner, but about making sure that you exercise to maintain good circulation, improve your breathing, posture and to also help limit the amount you gain when “eating for two”.



As you exhale, you lower your head and hips towards the center of your body while imagining you are bringing your navel into your spine (cat). This can be done for several repetitions, focusing on the breath. Oftentimes this pose can also aid in ensuring a baby can begin to rotate to an ‘anterior’ position and also to turn ‘head down’. Both markers ideal for a natural, easy birth.