Organic Soaps for Sensitive Skin

We have heard people ask countless times about whether or not our organic soaps can be used on their sensitive skin. Many think that Pureriffic’s herbal products are equivalent to other “soap” products on the market.

Skin Care Products That Really Work With Your Skin

Most of these folks think that the “regular” soap products are natural and supposed to care for skin. The generic term of soap is often employed to discuss detergents forms to simulate real soap.

These synthetic products are actually not designed to work well with your skin. Skin conditions such as eczema do not happen without provocation. These things occur when something irritates the body, and quite often the culprit is skin care products.

This is simply not a sensible way to make items. Ideally, manufacturers would only use high quality ingredients designed to work with skin chemistry rather than irritate it. However, the majority of the products on the market today are not good for your skin. From the cleansing products to lotions and makeup, the majority of them will harm your skin, now and in the long run.

Preventing Eczema and Similar Conditions

If you have been suffering from eczema, you must stop using these fake products that will only serve to worsen your condition. We have had numerous customers who have experienced their eczema clearing after using our soaps regularly. This is not because our soap cures their condition. Rather, these all natural products do not cause the irritation that most of the other things on the market do. These men and women experience a reduction in redness and itching over time.

What About Doctor Recommended Products?

There are many products on the market that are supposed to be safe for sensitive skin, many of them dermatologist recommended. However, these have the same basic problem as the other skin care products on the market today. The primary ingredient is detergent, which destroys the pH balance of your skin. Because it strips away your natural skin defenses, manufacturers add ingredients to reduce the negative effects of the detergent. Sensitive skin lines simply contain more of these. While it does not seem logical, the fact is virtually all of these cleansers have synthetic ingredients that damage your skin.

This is why you deserve to use a natural organic soaps for your skin. Ours contains the right balance to give you the best foundation for your skin care routine. We use only essential ingredients that have proven benefits to those with sensitive and regular skin.