Only Essential Oils

Why would you ever want to put anything that is unnatural on your skin? We’ve had requests for all sorts of variations on our products like:

* Soaps that smell like strawberries or pears.

* Unexpected requests for birthday cake, grape, and even bubblegum scented soaps.

* Can you capture the ocean in your soap? * What about tuna casserole?

Well… Tuna casserole is definitely not going to happen. However, we have received requests for all of the others listed above. Because we are certified, we take a long hard look at the ingredients that we allow in our soaps, especially the ones that deliver those scents our customers crave. When we prepare soaps and other products for skin care, we choose from two categories for our scents: Essential Oils and Fragrance Oils.

Fragrance Oils

Even though a fragrance oil might have a natural name like watermelon, they are never completely natural. They might have some natural ingredients in them, but a portion of the oil will be synthetic. It’s easy to spot a synthetic oil if it has a name like Caramel Bill. However, when the label says Lemongrass, it can get confusing. In addition, many major brands with a line of natural products use synthetic fragrances even though they combine the words “natural fragrance” in their ads and labels, which contributes further confusion.

In fact, you can find products in a natural product store that call themselves natural even though the scent comes from synthetic materials. When you apply products that contain artificial ingredients to your skin, you get dry skin as a result. Or, if you are unlucky, your skin will become irritated as well.

Essential Oils

Products that contain these will always have the words “essential oils” on them because these are the good scents. The oils are obtained in many different ways. They be cold pressed, as is the case with citrus oils. Or, the oils might be steam distilled when they are distracted from the leaves, bark, or roots of a plant. The sad truth is that non-citrus fruit scents such as berry, pear, or apple, cannot be extracted and must be synthesized.

Using The Smell Test

It makes sense to use natural products on your skin. In addition to delivering wonderful scents, essential oils provide additional practical benefits. Because they are extracted from plants, they don’t irritate the skin when used in the correct proportions. They are gentle enough to use even with eczema, as our customers have attested. The oils used for the scent are compatible with the skin. In additional, natural scents have a better smell. Men, in particular, like them more because they smell real. They don’t contain any perfume base that has been synthesized. When the two are compared, people profess a preference for the more natural smell of essential oils.

Look carefully at the labels of the skincare products that you buy. If you see words like natural fragrance, fragrance oils, or fragrance, chances are that there is nothing natural about those scents.