What Is Really In The Soap You Are Putting On Your Body?


How many times have you seen a natural soaps and looked at the ingredients? We do it all the time and most of the time we are disappointed by the results. There are ingredients that are only natural to a chemist’s lab. How some of these products can be labeled as natural and get away with it is beyond us. If you are concerned about what you are putting on your face and body, you want to know what these ingredients are and just how natural they truly are.

This Is An Industry Where Anything Goes

The sad truth is there are no official guidelines on what is natural natural soaps are on the line. In fact, the only rules a company needs to follow is there own! So a product can contain a small fraction of a natural ingredient and everything else is chemical based, it can still be called natural. The skincare industry is still living by wild west standards. When you see a product that has been listed as natural, you simply can not take it at face value.

The Actual Standard To Define Natural

If you are searching your local retailer for truly natural products, the only guideline you have to look for is an organic certification. While many companies love to slap on “natural” for more sales, Whole Foods has developed their own standards. In addition, the Natural Ingredients Resource Council and the Natural Products Association have particular standards for natural ingredients as well.

One particular issue that you will see with Whole Foods is the use of synthetic fragrances in skincare products. Many other products that are available on the market that are listed as natural use a wide range of synthetic scents. As an average consumer though, how is it possible to spot products with synthetic fragrances? One of the easiest is to scan the list of ingredients for any of the following fragrance, perfume, fragrance oils. If any of these are on a product even if it has been labeled natural, you know you have spotted an unnatural skincare product. The only true natural scents you will find in skincare products will be listed as essential oils.

What About Unscented Products?

This has been a common trick in recent years by many skincare companies. If a product is listed an “unscented” or “fragrance-free it has to be good. That too is not the case as many of these products still have some type of fragrance listed in the ingredient list! You might even see an item known as Malto which is a fragrance mask. This is one of the easiest ways of spotting real natural soaps from the doppelganger on the shelf. If you are still confused simply follow these four tips for finding natural and not natural soaps.

– Look for the use of animal fats and vegetable oils – can be found by searching for tallow or tallowate in the ingredients.

– There are only essential oils listed for scents or no scents found in the ingredients.

– There are no preservatives, dyes, or pigments used in the process.

– The majority of ingredients sound like natural plant names.

We get one body in this life time, you must treat it well. There are too many products on the market sounding like they are good for us. It is up to you to do your research and make sure you are putting truly natural products on your skin.