Dr Bronner’s All-One-God-Faith – Organic Natural Soap Provided Me Instantaneous Dandruff Alleviation

Immediate Natural Organic relief from Dandruff and more

As a young man in my twenties and single, with a decent head of hair, came a challenge one day. I was trying to look good and was willing to pay the price of styling with a popular gel brand. I do not know if I used too much, mixed it with something that should not be mixed or what. One day my scalp reacted horribly to the use of this product from a down under company. I was horrified that my whole head was scabbed over.

In the ensuing months I started to notice that when wearing a dark shirt there were white flakes that balanced both sides. This had never happened before and was both shocking and embarrassing. After using a dandruff shampoo that had “active ingredients” with warnings and hefty price tag for purchase, I almost found relief. This soap was labeled medicated and not meant to be used regularly. Relief was temporary, and with an unknown price to be paid.

What was a guy to do? I surrendered to a skin reaction to a products use that resulted in a flaky skin. At least my head was not scabbed anymore.

The advent of the Internet brought occasional searches when time was available or the thought occurred about possible natural relief. After trying a couple alleged remedies involving various oils, citrus, and vinegar with no sustainable results, I gave up and resigned to my condition.

For years we have not only been organic, gluten free, dairy free, and living a natural lifestyle with our own raised meats and sometimes vegetables, we were not unaccustomed to healthy living. My wife swore about this large bottle of soap she insisted she had to have. This soap was interesting to me in that its label was full of something. The writing was all over and sized with several different font sizes from readable, down to very small and for my eyes, unreadable.

The aromatic smell of the 18-1 peppermint Pure Castile soap was nice. I used it when we ran out of soap and was always left with a nice tingly feeling after use. Since we frequent health food stores I was used to seeing this brand of soap in stores often now over the years. One organic soap day I took the Internet, and used its massive resources of instant information to discover this soap has an amazing family and ultimately world history. Its founder was a most unique character who stood for peace, unity, and a world that had love in abundance.

So even after its use on my body and not thinking yet it may serve my head, I ran out of shampoo and used Dr. Bronner’s soap on my head with wonderful results. Refreshed and smelling good with a clean palate, I noticed the change. No more flakes. Since using this required so very little, the large bottle would last me for quite some time. Of course I thought how lucky I am to have such a smart wife. Now if I could only listen to her and follow her wisdom more often.

“Saponifying” oil and fat into soap is one of the oldest and simplest chemical reactions known to humankind. In fact, the first soaps were accidentally made by fat dripping into the ashes of cooking fires. Dr. Bronner’s unsurpassed soaps are made with certified organic olive, hemp and palm oils instead of tallow, and contain three times more organic coconut oil than commercial soaps. There are no animal fats or petrochemicals whatsoever in this product.

I have since learned that this healthcare products industry is not regulated like the food industry is with standards and regulation regarding the terms natural and organic. Many companies label themselves both natural and organic yet test positively for petrochemicals. Unlike many Americans I do not feel the need to shower every day. Working from home and living in the mountains in a dry climate helps. My wife baths not only daily, sometimes more. The gentleness from this soap agrees with the whole family.

After celebrating my literacy at Dr. Bronnner’s website I now know quite a bit about soap making and its intricacies. Value is important to me, and would pay more for a quality product that provides a much needed solution to my life, dandruff relief. The cost was not more than I am organic soap paying for regular organic shampoos already. If you feel the price tag is higher than you would have paid for your previous products, you must know that this product will likely outlast anything else and cost per use is quite low. I have never seen coupons or discounts for Dr. Bronner’s soap, but that does not mean they do not exist.

His label says you will stimulate your body, and this will be the mildest and most pleasant soap you have ever used, or your money back-guaranteed.

Dr. Bronner’s label has as much fame as his wonderful products and was a unique advocate for both peace and unity worldwide. His label declares this statement wonderfully: We are all brothers and sisters and we should take care of each other and spaceship earth!

Dr. Mike