How Protein Supplements Work In Your Body

If you are into body building, you must have been shopping around for the best protein for building muscle. You might have heard several product names from fellows at the gym. You might have also considered supplements from body building magazines. Before picking one, you have to understand how protein works. Protein is broken down as amino acids. Amino acids are the building block of the body. Body tissues especially muscle tissues grow when there is enough supply of amino acids. It is also used for tissue repair. This is why amino acids are important if you are building your muscles.

natural foodIt is true that the best protein for building muscle would still be from natural food sources. Foods like meat, fish, milk, egg, soya and several vegetables are rich in protein. But you may take so much of it and still not able to get the needed protein value for a rapidly growing muscle. Hence, we resort to taking protein supplements. You shouldn’t be concerned primarily with brand. The first thing you have to consider in choosing protein supplement is the type of protein. There are several types of protein and you will need to identify which one suits you best.

Types of protein actually depend on their sources. We have protein supplements from egg source, soya source and milk sources. The best protein source based on biological value is actually those that are from milk sources. Biological value is a tool that rates protein on how they are effective in generating new tissues of the body, in this case, muscle tissues. Based on biological value, the protein from milk source is the best protein for building muscle.

There are actually two types of protein from milk source. We have the whey and the casein. Whey protein has the highest biological value and is therefore the best protein for building muscle. Whey can be in a form of concentrate or isolate. When we say concentrate, it is not yet pure whey protein. There are still some amount of fats and lactose along with it. If you don’t mind some amount of fat and if you are not lactose intolerant, whey concentrate may be good for you. Whey isolate on the other hand is 95% to 100% pure protein. Another advantage of whey protein is it is absorbed immediately for immediate muscle building function. Casein protein on the other hand also has high biologic value. But unlike whey, it takes longer time before it is digested.