Organics Vs Nonorganics

People are learning more about organic foods because of the growing nutrition Interest. It is all over the TV, on all the food channels. There is always some kind of segment about health and eating right, on the news. I have never been in a self help group or agency that did not teach something about the importance of nutrition. Although the economy is bad on the down side, the health concern of this generation is a growing one. More and more people are buying organic and have more interest in their health. Than they have in the past. Fast food is a large concern, Have we lost our health in the fast food chain.

organic ingredientI believe more families are getting tired of the convenience of the fast food compared to the taste and nutrition of home cooking. This is why we are learning to take better care of ourselves and family. There was a time when the family dinner had a part of the back yard garden that served as the salad coarse at meal time. My mother always had a garden full of vegetables and strawberries, cantaloupe, grapes and watermelon. There were no harmful pesticides, just some soap water mixture.

We need to get back into the family tradition of “let’s all sit down at the table and eat!” Organic foods somehow seem to give that “back to basics” tradition. People buy Organic foods because it is grown natural without all the harmful chemicals that are in Pesticides. Since fruit is usually eaten as it is without cooking, we natural food do not heat all the harmful bacteria out of it. So is our food safe without pesticides? According to natural food the research I have done, “It has been shown that by composting the manure for a precise time at an exact temperature the amount of bacteria present is greatly reduced.

As long as these conditions are adhered to, the risk of food poisoning is kept to a minimum”. Moulds are another significant concern; toxic substances are formed from this mould called Mycotoxins.”Crops are more vulnerable to moulds if damaged from weather or insects. Organic lobby argues that less effective fungicides are used in their farming methods, organism fruits are less prone to fungal attack because Crops are not fed with chemicals known as nitrates which make produce more prone to Fungal growth”

I am always hearing what is the difference of organic and regular produce, besides the higher price? “that is one of the main complaints I here.” Organic grown foods are safer for the environment. In several articles about organics I researched on the internet, environmental safety is one of the differences. “Organics growing over 20% annually, large corporation are running to organics not because of their sudden change immorality but because of the economics, another million in sales to Wal-Mart is a ton of good for the worlds consumers.” (Food Inc). As a Mother of a four year old boy, I do buy healthy and I would not want him to be eating tons of harmful chemicals that can cause health problems down the road. I have learned quite a bit about health and nutrition, If I could I would buy organic more often than not The price of health has always been high when it comes to Doctors and fresh vegetables and fruit. But you as a living breathing human were created to eat them just that way “fresh”. Organic farming is not just good for us it is good for the environment and the Earths soil. “Intensive farming destroys the fertility of the land and is obtainable. Organic methods help labor-rich but cash poor communities to produce food sustainably.

There is a growing shift in consumer purchasing towards organic food. Among the many reasons for a shift to organic is the effects of the chemicals used in our fields. “I wonder how much chemicals I have ingested my entire life and what kind of damage I have done to my body and brain?”. I believe this is the reason why we are not told everything about what we eat and what kind of diseases we are putting in our body, if we knew there would probably be a large scale scare as to what the FDA will go as far not to disclose to the public. “If the price is right”? (Wilson,L).

There is another factor in chemicals in our food, the way it is packaged with harmful substance called (B P A). Hundreds of studies have confirmed the dangers of even low-level doses of B P A. The risks are severe enough that the prestigious Endocrine Society, released a special statement last summer explicitly warning that low-level exposure to B P A can adversely affect male and female reproduction, thyroid function, metabolism, and could even increase obesity.

If you would like to be heard, and want to ban the use of B P A you can put your Name on the petition at: FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg ( & t=3)

If we were to be informed of all the knowledge on herbs, plants, resources that is better for you than prescription synthetic drugs It would put these large Corporations also the pharmacies out of business It has been proven that the reason many doctors do not tell their patience about natural remedies is because of “The money The medical profession makes on medical services”. (Trudo, Kevon).

With reassurance for our concerns if we go organic, research does prove that the Government puts strict standards on what is and what can be labeled organic “These Standards regulate how such foods are grown, handled and processed. Any farmer or food manufacturer who labels and sells a product as organic must be USDA certified as meeting these standards. Only producers who sell less than a 5,000 a year in organic foods are exempt from obtaining this certification.” ( )

As far as my research goes they have not proven that organic grown foods are at a level which would prove higher nutritional value than non organic only because of the less transforming of the earth are they proven to have a small amount of more nutrients.

In other words the only work the Earth gets is fertilizer not pesticides. So if you are looking for a balancing reason to go organic, environmentally the earths soil is healthier sustainably when we grow organic. Here is an appetite killer, might help in your organic decision. Meat also fruit and vegetables were grown in contaminated waste from animals and human sewage, it had a purpose now, to fertilize our ground for non-organic crops, at first it seemed like a great idea, “( It does not seem like a great Idea to me, YUK!)”, as it was cheap and easy to obtain, however, recently studies have shown that large amounts of this may contribute to be the cause of chronic illnesses. ()

I for one have found some very important aspects in my research. The health risk and the contamination of our environment is at the least harmful. We use to many pesticides with chemicals that cause major health hazards, not just us humans our farm animals too. I vote on organically grown food in my body as well as my sons over non-organic any day of the week! I believe we can all use this as an example to get behind what we think is important to us and our future generations, and put in our share to society for a healthier community and world to live in.