Natural Supplement For Ridged Nails

Not only are nails a beauty organic food statement but they also tell a lot about a person’s overall health. If one’s nails are discolored, ridged, curled it is time to pay attention to overall health. Nails are mainly made up of proteins; hence they can immediately alert us about an undiagnosed medical problem.

At the present time this is the common problem faced by everyone. If there is a deficiency or some imbalances within one’s body, the fingernails can show different ridges. Ridged nails have a medical cause; such as skin disorder, kidney malfunctioning, iron deficiency, vitamin deficiency or infections. This can also be a sign of aging or onset of arthritis. There are two types of ridges: vertical and horizontal. Vertical ridges indicate poor general health or poor nutritional absorption whereas horizontal ridge can indicate severe stress and vulnerability to arthritis. Ridged nails become more prominent in advanced age but a premature appearance of ridges is an indication of nutritional deficiency. Therefore one needs to take a comprehensive Natural supplement for ridged nails.

There is substantial amount of evidence which is indicative of association of calcium and other mineral deficiency with ridged nails. It can also be the result of an injury, psoriasis anemia, eczema etc.

One can get flawless, beautiful nails in no time if certain ideas are taken care of. Eating a balanced diet that includes plenty of proteins and minerals helps to get rid of nail disease. One can get rid of ridged nails by having daily intake of fresh fruits and vegetables. Drinking plenty of water a day at least 8 glasses is recommended. Taking a comprehensive nutritional natural supplement is the best way suggested to have healthy nails. Issues with fingernails are often related to nutritional deficiencies and hence having a complete natural supplement can help cure the ridged nails.

In addition to taking natural supplement, one needs to be careful when working outdoors. When working in a garden or lawn, it is advisable to wear gloves which provide protection to nails. These are some of the very basics that need to be followed to have healthy nails. Rigorous manual projects and dangerous chemicals should be avoided completely. This can help in avoiding further damage to the ridged nails. One may experience dry hands if they stay in hot climate and hence massaging with natural oils benefits the skin. It gives us healthy nails. One can also coat the nails natural food with protective polish which aids strengthening and thereby helps in eliminating annoying ridged nails. Finally treat the nails with care to prevent further damage.