Discover What The Difference Is Between Holistic And Allopathic Medicine – Why Is It Important?

The approach to the allopathic health model is based on not the idea of actually curing illness or disease but rather to eliminate the noticeable symptoms. One example might be that if you have a stomach ache you might address it with a drug to take away the pain, but you will not be actually addressing the cause of the stomach ache. The cause might be any number of possibly serious issues which could cause a longer term problem. In this allopathic medical model the use of drugs to treat symptoms can cause even worse side effects from the drug. In a organic ingredient nut shell this approach to health care most often does not address the underlying cause of illness and disease, attempts to cover up the symptoms which often causes even worse side effects and the patience has to continue to take the drug indefinitely.

The holistic or nutritional approach to medicine does not advocate the use of synthetic drugs. Instead relies on nature and it’s ability to offer remedies and cures, believing that mother nature produces far more effective pharmaceuticals than any thing man can come up with. This is the idea that the most basic medicine we start with is nutrition, the foods and liquids we eat everyday. Eating and consuming a healthy diet of whole foods healthy liquids and whole food supplements along with exercise is usually enough for most people to stay healthy. as you get older you may require more of certain foods for specific vitamins and minerals.

A natural medicine doctor sees most illness and disease as being the result of many years of consuming an out of balance nutritional diet. It is entirely a possibility that most disease and illness is the result of not only a lack of balanced nutrition but also the eating of additives and chemicals in refined and processed foods, as well as taking a lot of synthetic vitamins and drugs over many years.

There are still a lot of studies that need to be done to really understand how the holistic medicine approach can work better for health. Unfortunately the profit motivated interests of the medical industries and their political supporters don’t want this information to get out, as it might lower their profits. If simple inexpensive remedies for many of the major diseases and illness today were to be know on a mainstream basis the pharmaceutical, processed food, medical insurance, hospital and other related industries would lose their power, wealth and control over our health care.

I am writing this article because I feel very strongly about this issue and I know from my own personal experience and from countless other people I know of, that holistic medicine works and that you can avoid illness, disease and any need for pharmaceutical drugs by living a holistic health conscious lifestyle.